NewArts Objectives

NewArts Objectives

Our organization works to prepare children to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives.  Our programs focus on social, emotional and character development through challenging experiences in the arts.  We know that if we can positively affect the way Newtown children develop, build community and impact the world around them, we will be on the road to helping children everywhere.


Foster Strength Through the Performing Arts


The performing arts are powerful avenues of self-expression and creative outlets that can be used to both harness and release emotions. In addition to self-expression and creativity, the Arts encourage many positive personal characteristics such as confidence, courage and perseverance, as well as teach life skills, including teamwork, work ethic and calculated risk-taking.

  We provide professional level Arts activities which provide many opportunities for personal growth, comradery with peers and positive interactions with the community at large.

Social, Emotional and Character Development  ‚Äč


Today, kids are growing up in an increasingly complex and challenging world and our guidance and support are more important than ever.  To meet this challenge, we provide programs that accelerate personal development, their ability to manage difficulties, and to grow even stronger from them as a result.

  Our ARC program – Aspire through action, Reach through managing emotions and perseverance, Connect to others and experience creating impact beyond ourselves

Create a Center for Creativity

  Provide a place of learning, growth and strength in the face of tragedy.  We aim to build a home for our multi-disciplinary program, centered on a performing arts venue, which will be based in Newtown, with its doors open to benefit people nationwide