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ING Hartford Marathon Final Countdown

With just a few days to go, the 12.14 team is on final countdown for the ING Hartford Marathon 2013. Our training is done, and this week is all about rest, focus and anticipation. I'm very proud to announce that we're within reach of our $10,000 fund raising goal and, of course, so grateful to the hundreds who have sponsored us so …

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12.14 Hartford Marathon and Half Marathon Teams Ready for Action!

Two weeks to go!  The 12.14 Hartford Marathon team got together yesterday for a brunch at the Baroody home in Newtown. Excitement filled the room as we discussed our inspirations, our training experiences, checked out the racing shirt, and planned out logistics for race day. Unfortunately we also discovered some injuries, and we are all pulling for quick healing!!   After …

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12.14 at the ING Hartford Marathon 2013

Hi, my name is Sarah Baroody.  I live in Newtown, CT. I'm a runner. Like many, I was deeply affected by the tragedy at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.  I knew some of the children who died, some of the parents, some of the kids who survived.  I have a 1st grader.  I know some kids who are traumatized, and …

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