April 6, 2014 Michael Unger

Please Help Make Summer 2014 Possible

For those of you who saw, or were involved in Seussical, you all know how rewarding our work was last summer. Because the children of the Newtown/Sandy Hook area are so great, artistically/emotionally/creatively, Seussical was an incredible success. We have organized an amazing Summer of Shows: 2014 – but it is no secret that these productions cost a great deal of money. One of our very important goals continues to be offering participation in our programs to the children of Newtown children free of charge.

On behalf of Dr. Baroody, the 12.14 Foundation’s board and these incredibly talented youth who want to express their creativity through the performing arts, I am asking you to help us find funding. Not necessarily from your pockets but if you have ANY connection, large or small, to ANY generous, sensitive, arts-minded, sympathetic corporations or moneyed people – PLEASE tell them about us and put us in touch with them. You can donate directly from this website. But do it fast. No arts organization operates solely on ticket sales yet careful producing, generous individuals and a phenomenally supportive community last year allowed us to do just that. However, we cannot sustain the type of work we want to do without additional financial support.

Please, help us find that financial support to keep the magic of the 12.14 Foundation doing what it does best – offering confidence-building, self-expression, creativity, community and collaboration to your children through the performing arts. Not surprisingly, in addition to our summer plans, we are seeking larger-level donors who are interested in helping finance the Performing Arts Center we hope to build as a living remembrance to those who were lost on 12/14/12.  We can use help, large and small, from any pocketbook, wallet, sock drawer or corporate coffer.

Please feel free to contact me directly, or contact Dr. Michael Baroody regarding special donation opportunities. Thank you for your amazing support.

Michael Unger

Artistic Director, The 12.14 Foundation

Contacting New Arts

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