September 30, 2013 Sarah Baroody, MD

12.14 Hartford Marathon and Half Marathon Teams Ready for Action!

Two weeks to go! 

The 12.14 Hartford Marathon team got together yesterday for a brunch at the Baroody home in Newtown. Excitement filled the room as we discussed our inspirations, our training experiences, checked out the racing shirt, and planned out logistics for race day. Unfortunately we also discovered some injuries, and we are all pulling for quick healing!!  

After refueling with delicious food, we listened to Michael Baroody explain his motivation and goals for the 12.14 Foundation.  We all left even more energized as we are running for a greater purpose. We appreciate everyone of you who has donated on our behalf.  Your support is priceless!! You can follow any athlete you wish by registering on the marathon website.

Check out the full team, as well as our fund raising progress to date, immediately below this post. You can also read my first post about the 12.14 Hartford Marathon fund raising event by clicking here.

With just a few short weeks before the marathon, every dollar counts toward our $10k fund raising goal. You can sponsor a specific runner or the entire 12.14 team by clicking the blue button below.

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Happy running all!  

Sarah Baroody, MD

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Note: runners will be notified when you make a donation in their name.



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I'm very proud to announce that the following people and sponsor organizations have joined my team for the Hartford Marathon event:
Full Marathon

  Sarah Baroody, MD   Kristine Gravino
  Pamela Jackson   Chip Mowrey
Laura Nowacki, MD   Stephanie Rich
  Half Marathon
Kendra Verdi   Cary Kortze
Gioia Macey   Megan Gagnon
  Mandy Howell   Tinaz Mody
Deb Accommando   Zach Schwartz
Rebecca Darst   Sheilah Krasnickas
Catherine Galda   Sarah Koza
Jennifer Avari   Emily Coyle
Melissa Morea   William Begg, MD
Krista Benson   Leah Begg
  Sara Sheridan   Dennis TeeKing, DMD

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