October 10, 2013 Sarah Baroody, MD

ING Hartford Marathon Final Countdown

With just a few days to go, the 12.14 team is on final countdown for the ING Hartford Marathon 2013. Our training is done, and this week is all about rest, focus and anticipation.

I'm very proud to announce that we're within reach of our $10,000 fund raising goal and, of course, so grateful to the hundreds who have sponsored us so far. There is still time to sponsor individual runners as well as the entire 12.14 team, so please click the sponsor button if you'd like to support a wonderful cause.

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In addition to physical prep and fund raising, the 12.14 team has been very active building awareness for our Hartford Marathon run as well as for the 12.14 Foundation's higher objectives. You can view some of the resulting TV coverage by clicking on any of the images to on the right of this page. You'll also find a complete listing of recent 12.14 news articles and interviews on our Media Coverage pages. Here are a few about our activities at the Hartford Marathon:

Healing Newtown through Arts and Athletics – wnprnews
Newtown Residents Running 26 Miles for 26 Victims – Associated Press
26 in Newtown to Run in Hartford for 12.14 Foundation – the Hartford Courant

We're very excited to be running in support of our community, and to help the Foundation achieve its vision of healing through the performing arts. Please help us spread the word – just click on your favorite social media icon below to share this post with your friends.

On behalf of the entire 12.14 Hartford Marathon team, thank you again for all of your wonderful support. Meet you at the finish line!


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