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Through the Eyes of Jimmy

JIMMY HUNTER                                                           Photos: Michelle Spanedda

I slowly walked through the hallway trying to blend in with the crowd of people. What if the older kids found me weird? I mean, I’ve never met a bunch of them. I’d only met the younger kids. So many worries were going through my head. ‘Just stay calm,’ I told myself, ‘you have plenty of other friends who are here.’

Every year, before I start NewArts, I’m always nervous that I won’t make a lot of friends. You see, I’m one of the only people I know of in NewArts that is from Southbury. But also, just like every other year, I see my friends from the past years and immediately feel better. Also, even though we’ve only had one week of rehearsal so far, I’ve already made plenty of new friends. And the best part is, lots of my friends from this year and past years will most likely be returning to NewArts next year!!!

Within NewArts I have shared similarities and had differences with people. But one thing is clear, everyone here at NewArts share one special thing that is way more valuable than money, treasure, and gold, and that is kindness. We all support each other with many things and will always be there for each other. And knowing that there are plenty of weeks ahead of me, I know that I will make many more friends here at NewArts.Picture
In the first week of School of Rock, one of the musicals NewArts is doing this year, we already have gotten a lot done. We’ve learned all of the songs we sing, done two read/sing throughs, and we’ve already started staging and choreographing songs and scenes. Now all we have to do is start putting the music together with the instruments, and stage and choreograph the rest!!!

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