Matilda - Summer 2019!


For the summer of 2014, we selected two shows that teach us that love and courage are necessary to heal the world.

In Midsummer, love literally creates order out of the chaos for all categories of humans and spirits. Michael Unger (Producing Artistic Director of NewArts) and composer, Eric Svejcar created a brand new musical created for and with our NewArts performers.


In Dalmatians, the courage of children (and puppies) creates a family that extends far beyond the one into which they were born. Even the pathologically paranoid Cruella decides to mend her fear-filled heart in our new ending. For this production, Michael Unger and famed rock and roller, Dennis DeYoung (of Styx fame) re-worked Dennis and BT McNicholl’s musical and tailor-made it for the Newtown Community.

All of the above themes should resonate in any town in America and, in fact, any town in the world; but certainly in no place more than Newtown, Connecticut.

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